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Quality Management Policy

Customer satisfaction is the primary consideration at Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited(EMIC) Limited Liability Company. We believe that dedication to quality in everything we do is the cornerstone upon which a sound business is built and it is a tool for improvement and expansion




Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited(EMIC) Limited Liability Company is engaged in "Manufactured of Metal Packaging for Food Industries"   and are committed to:

• Review the continuing suitability of FSMS by setting measureable objectives and regular performance verification with an emphasis on food safety.
• Establish HACCP plan to mitigate the food related hazards.
• Communicate & participate all internal and external interested parties to develop best hygiene and hazardless environment in the EMIC food chain.
• Comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and other requirements.
• Establish, implement and maintain effective arrangements for communicating the information related to food safety to external and internal interested parties.



Health, Safety & Environment Management Policy:

Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited(EMIC) Limited Liability Company is committed to:

• Produce continual improvement by setting Health, Safety and Environment systems objectives, targets and regular performance monitoring with an emphasis on environment and personal safety.
• Identify risks and significant impacts related to our business and to establish best operational controls for environmental and occupational health & safety related activities.
• Lead our employees to communicate, participate and work as a team to develop good working environment and business practices.
• Comply with applicable statutory, regulatory and legal requirements related to services offered by our company.
• Serve internal and external parties by creating an environmental friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on health and safety aspects.
• Committed to implement an effective system to prevent pollution, ill health and depletion of natural resources resulting from our business practice.








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    • VISION
    • • To continue to lead the regional metal packaging industry.
    • • To be the preferred reliable packaging partner for our local and international clients.
    • • To keep our commitment to provide the best metal packaging solutions with high reliability, efficiency, highest quality standards in very competitive commercial terms.
    • • To deliver real added value products to our clients.
    • • To achieve balanced interests of all stakeholders.



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    • • Utilizing the accumulated industrial experiences and skills, scientific knowledge, performance continuous improvement, dedicated teamwork and discipline behavior to produce the best metal packaging solutions with high added value benefits to various industrial sectors.
    • • Promoting the company’s status as a strategic and reliable partner for all our customers.
    • • Maintaining a delicate balance to achieve the best return for all the stakeholders.


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    • ABOUT US
  • Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited (EMIC) Limited Liability Company, established in 1989 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates by a group of Industrial investors as a unique hi-technology can making facility.
  • Today after more than thirty-three years in business, EMIC stands as an iconic industrial leader taking the can making industry to a new level of professionalism in term of performance, product range, methods and technology.
  • EMIC management team is a group of an expert leaders in their respective fields, with more than two hundred sixty staff. EMIC can be considered as one of the main and largest can makers in the MENA area.
  • EMIC is equipped with state of the art and most recent can making technology to manufacture general line cans in different shapes and sizes plus food packaging range of products. EMIC also provide the market with a very advances metal decoration and printing services including pre-press activities and fully computerized plate processing technology.
  • Developed from a deep believe of the importance of the quality in both products and processes, EMIC was one of the few early birds industrial establishments in the region to adopt a quality management system in complies with ISO 9001 international standard.
  • EMIC has been certified to ISO 9001 International Quality Standard since 2001. The present certificate states that the Quality Management System meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 with the following scope:
  • • Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Can and its Components and Printing of tinplates.
  • EMIC is certified to ISO 22000-2018 International Food Safety Standard since September 2012 with the following scope:
  • • Manufacturing of Metal Packaging for Food Industries.
  • EMIC is certified to ISO 14001-2015 & ISO 45001-2018 Health, Safety and Environment Standard since October 2014 with the following scope:
  • • Design, Manufacture and Sales of Can and its Components and Printing of Tinplate.






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